The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #202 Discussion


I think im gonna do a kudla flip tutorial/grind stream tonight. Finally got all my interwebs figured out.


Don’t do it at 2 am my time :joy: earlier this time please :joy:


As I told Matt last night there is NO WAY he gets two moves named after him unless I get one! What should my move be? It doesnt have to be directly madskills related.


@THR_Birdshaw, Can you even do anything?


Ok first of all: Fuck you!
Second: I have certain talents.


If it’s gonna be mad skills related it’s definitely gonna be your signature move: faceplanting… We could call it “the birdflaw”


Perhaps a Birdshaw is banging your mom. Shut it!


Btw is a kudla flip the one with the brake button to flip super fast or is there something i don’t know about? :joy:


It’s the 3/4 front flip to super bouncy off the back wheelie.


That’s funny. I used that EXACT move on Dutchmans mom last night.


Where are we going to start with naming a move after you? Gotta see some screen recordings or something.


I was thinking more in the being an asshole department.


How about BirdPWMD? Like PWND (owned), but PWMD (poemed). So Bird-poemed, just as BirdPWMD. :thinking:


@Matt_Kudla birdy can bake like nobody’s business.


I will try to around 6pm central. Probably a little before.

Edit: gonna be home Sunday and Monday so i’ll Probably play a bit during the day on both days.


What’s that in Birdshaw time.


…1am. :joy:


You goddamn, no good, little…


I thought of a thing. I am BY FAR the best mad skills BMX 2 player in all of Denmark.


Being first and last is definitely something that not many people can say about themselves. But what do you call it? Birdception? I’m all out of ideas