The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #202 Discussion

The tracks this week are Ace Hotel by @JoeW723 and Extra Credit by the stone aka @Matt_Kudla.
May God have mercy on our souls.

There once was a man from Salt Lake
He thought a good track he could make
Holy hell he was wrong
My hate will be lifelong
I hope he trips and gets speared by a rake

There once was a man from Chicago
Went by “hey asshole!” or just plain old Joe
Had to pick out the best tracks
I really hope he gets the axe
He picked The Stone and now I feel low


I’m still rolling the jumps right now but extra credit is a sick track. Well done @Matt_Kudla


I like that they are radically different tracks/styles, gonna be a fun week.

It wont let me play the second track. Is this happening to anyome else?


Persistant error?

Happened about 10 minutes ago. Haven’t checked again yet

Please do

Alright just checked again and same thing
Screenshot_2017-12-28-11-35-58 it says that

Odd… new one to me. How about a reinstall

Ill try that

Its back now birdy. I didn’t reinstall just gave it 30 minutes and its working did you do anything?

Thank you @Kent_Bedeaux! I appreciate the kind words. It’s very technical but I aim to please.

I had that same “missing track” error last week on track 1. I ended up just playing track 2 for a few days before trying again.

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The kind words are much appreciated @THR_Birdshaw. :clap:t3:

This might be coming a little bit late, but hey, I did it. Sometimes ago, I was the number 1 on this track. . .Birdshaw’s positionScreenshot_20171228-090159


Glad to see you carrying the torch. I rarely have the time when they come out these days.

Extra Credit
Supercross with troubled hills.
Who took that off ?
There will be many injured on this route.

Awesome tracks guys. Currently sitting at 2 attempts on ace hotel and 948 attempts on extra credit. :joy::joy:

Gotta get that wall skip.


I’m loving Ace Hotel, I suck on Extra Credit

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I like both tracks again this week! Gotta say that Extra Credit is right up there with one of my favorite all time tracks! So many different lines, and rhythms. Great work @Matt_Kudla