The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam week #201 Discussion

Fun tracks this week! Enjoyed them enough to stay away from my usual slacking :joy: feel like i could shave off a bit more but definitely not bad :grinning: Merry Christmas all!!! :+1:

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13th loser


sick dutch

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Thank you :blush: waiting for you to destroy my times :joy::+1:

can’t handle those times. might put in some times on the last day just to be in div1 again. maybe if this mxon race comes around I’ll invest some more in jam races. for how long have you been playing dutch cuz I don’t remember you from back in the day

Yeah i probably wasn’t playing back when you did… And if i was i wasn’t good enough back then for you to see me on the leaderboards… And if i was i was still going by a different name :joy:
anyways i started in jam week 107 :slight_smile:

@cREED22 bonus info. In jam week 107 @THR_Dutchwoman was 7 years old.


Damn i age quickly :joy::joy::joy: 7 to 19 in not even 2 years?! :joy::joy::joy:


Oh shut it!

Merry christmas y’all !!!

And i was 12 :laughing:

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Yeah right, Lil mofo… your were like 70

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@Monroe201 hated your track @ first, now I love it


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Coming in clutch right before the new jam round. Hit a killer backscrub. I couldve done better this week but I guess I was kinda off how did you guys do on this track?