The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam week #201 Discussion


How in gods name do i get the santa head back??!! I need it


Play on xmas day and its all yours


Motorola X8 @THR_Birdshaw


If you havnt yet dont forget to scrool back uo and check the poetry, i promise it will be worth it😉


I think this week will be @Bragstad’s week. I doubt if @Zse743 can catch up on 201.:grin: Brags is leading by more than a full second.

@Zse743 has been leading the leaderboards since Jam Week 189. That’s a 12 week unbeaten run. If he looses the first position this week, it will take up to Jam week 213 at least to equal this unbeaten run.

Come on, @Zachari_Elmes!!! :yum:


Blitzen is such a fun track, love the two laps! After I got used to 201 its grown on me, will definitely keep me occupied at the in laws house this weekend!


Anyone else using madskills to pass time through christmas eve parties


Goddammit! Will you give your family the attention it deserves!
But yeah… totally😀


Hahaha. I bet you’ll still mod throughout Christmas. Such a passionate fellow :slight_smile: :wink:


Wanna know my secret? Im a smoker. You can do a lot of modding whilst out for a smoke.


My little secret is that I care less about Christmas. I keep the celebrations low, just hang out if a friend insists. Lol

I go up an inch on New Year celebrations though.


Who wants to have a new years party?!?!


That deleted post… Jesus! :grinning:




Hahaha. I don’t know if you will see the joke in it, so I deleted :wink: :blush:


I do. It’s special stepping into a new year. The fireworks, resolutions, expectations.


I can see any and all post on here… deleted or not


True, I forgot. Hahaha :grinning:

At least, for your admin eyes only.:sunglasses:

Merry Christmas to you :raised_hands:


:sunglasses:Merry Christmas!!


Oh they got there attention for the most part. Keep forgetting the slow downs at the end of track 2