The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam week #201 Discussion

How in gods name do i get the santa head back??!! I need it

Play on xmas day and its all yours

Motorola X8 @THR_Birdshaw

If you havnt yet dont forget to scrool back uo and check the poetry, i promise it will be worth it😉

I think this week will be @Bragstad’s week. I doubt if @Zse743 can catch up on 201.:grin: Brags is leading by more than a full second.

@Zse743 has been leading the leaderboards since Jam Week 189. That’s a 12 week unbeaten run. If he looses the first position this week, it will take up to Jam week 213 at least to equal this unbeaten run.

Come on, @Zachari_Elmes!!! :yum:

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Blitzen is such a fun track, love the two laps! After I got used to 201 its grown on me, will definitely keep me occupied at the in laws house this weekend!

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Anyone else using madskills to pass time through christmas eve parties

Goddammit! Will you give your family the attention it deserves!
But yeah… totally😀


Hahaha. I bet you’ll still mod throughout Christmas. Such a passionate fellow :slight_smile: :wink:

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Wanna know my secret? Im a smoker. You can do a lot of modding whilst out for a smoke.

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My little secret is that I care less about Christmas. I keep the celebrations low, just hang out if a friend insists. Lol

I go up an inch on New Year celebrations though.

Who wants to have a new years party?!?!

That deleted post… Jesus! :grinning:

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Hahaha. I don’t know if you will see the joke in it, so I deleted :wink: :blush:

I do. It’s special stepping into a new year. The fireworks, resolutions, expectations.

I can see any and all post on here… deleted or not


True, I forgot. Hahaha :grinning:

At least, for your admin eyes only.:sunglasses:

Merry Christmas to you :raised_hands:

:sunglasses:Merry Christmas!! Screenshot_20171224-200057

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Oh they got there attention for the most part. Keep forgetting the slow downs at the end of track 2