The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam week #201 Discussion


The tracks this week are Blitzen by @JoeW723 and 201 by @Monroe201

Jingle Bells, Blitzen smells
It is pretty gay
201 is just no fun
It gives you a bad day

Open up the game
See the brand new tracks
Hoping they are good
Oh no, made by hacks
They are really bad
The worst they ever had
If they keep this standard up we’ll all be very sad


Here we go now we have to listen to his poetry lol.


So Far this is what I got


I played the tracks a little bit this morning… They’re AWESOME!!! :+1::+1::+1:


Ok who the hell is @monroe201 … I hate your track.


You’re very welcome!


That track is so you dude :joy: gnarly as fuck but rather enjoyable haha :metal::metal:


Goddammit, man! How is a pea brain like me suppose to memorise all that?!




Love your Carol @THR_Birdshaw :wink:


201 is the perfect track to run out of premium rounds. Guess I’ll learn it the old fashioned way…


Come hang at for the jam stream in about an hour (maybe a little later) for a very good chance at winning some premium.


Its a carroll


Plus I’ll probably get some tips. Cool.


Youll get loads! It MAY be on instead. Asshole cant decide😀

Edit: it IS AND Its in half an hour


My rider is having NOSE BLEED on 201. :wink:

Nice track. Really long. When I saw the times in the leaderboard at first, I thought it was like 5 Laps. Then I opened it and it said 1 Lap. I was like WHATTTT? :grin:


love this track❤


Haha I’m Jk its actually pretty fun once you memorize all the slow downs and crap


Congrats teammate :v: