The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #200 Discussion


Ive only played the 1st track so far don’t think I’ll set a time on the other. not enough time left to do so/ do it good. only started on monday this Jam. -.- I did get the starts right toh:blush:


Haha looks like you’re gonna be knocking me of my throne for sure :sweat_smile: maybe that’ll give me some motivation to try harder though so that would be a good thing :blush:


Holy shit! We need to slap a THR tag on you ASAP…



lol where does THR stand for?
so long story short. well I tried to keep it short bit it became a enormous story I will share another day eheheh


Unless you’re zse or bragstad then off course :joy:


Goddammit, Reed! :grinning:
THR stands for whatever the hell you can fit in there. One of my favorites are Tremendously Horney Rhinos. Im not quite sure if we’re the biggest team right now or if Its TSR, But we’re the coolest.


THR=The Human Retrospective :joy:
THR=The Holy Retribution :joy:
THR=Totally Hard Rockers :sunglasses:


eheheh tremendously horny rhinos. I guess I’d like to take part. there’s a lot of thr guys on mad skills bmx also. so will I be THR_MX_GOON? or THR_cREED22 but chad reed kinda retired didn’t he? Yet zeems like he has some kinda deal with husqavarna. Oeeh yes this I should tell so Chad Reed came to race 2 GPs here in europe in 2016 (he normally races in the US) Matterley Basin - GB and Mantova - Italy… I went to both just to see him ride once more before his retirement. so worth it. Mantova I had to go to anyways I was training a girl who was riding in the women GPs at that time and Mantova was on the Callender. Mantova I ended up with a heat stroke it was like 40 degrees celcius no wind and I wasn’t even riding.


I can make whatever name fits within the 15 character limit.


He’ll yer this dudes cool!

I’m a massive reed fan, and he isn’t retiring yet! :metal:t3::muscle:


I have a problem with my game it’s jumping frames (sorry if that doesn’t make sense) but it’s basically unplayable, someone please help, and before anyone says it I’ve already uninstalled it and reinstalled it


Samsung phone?


Mr Chad Reed 22 :smiley: with Husqvarna