The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #200 Discussion

On the twelfth day of Christmas Turborilla gave to me
Twelve dirtbikes brapping
Eleven whiners yapping
Ten skins a’ banging
Nine wheelies hanging
Eight players jamming
Seven morons spamming
Six testers testing
Fiiiiive gooolden rims
Four Joe Bumps
Three MX Scrubs
Two turbo doves
And a Birdshaw in a pear tree

^^^like hearing the angel chior in all its glory!^^^^


The image of you in a pear tree is kimda disturbing :joy: joooooookes

Fuck you nailed that birdy, I really want your awesomeness to drop a bit, but it won’t happen with brilliance like that

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Yeah man… I’m going 111

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Don’t lie to me, did you receive any help with that? Haha

Like what help?
I wrote the lyrics in about 20 minutes and spent about the same fucking up the recording.




Nice names and tracks, i hope i get to grind as much as i want they look funnnn

You’ve outdone yourself again my friend. Well done.

That’s the best version of that song I’ve ever seen! @THR_Birdshaw

It’s the best version of ANY song. Did you click the link aswell?

Nope hold on.

Lol beautiful @THR_Birdshaw

I’m sorry, these tracks are too boring to be jam week 200! :pouting_man:t3::man_shrugging:

@THR_Birdshaw for sure your best work, the song I mean :heart_eyes::joy::ok_hand:

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These tracks are awesome you are crazy man l lol.

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I was top 200 on three nd scrubs now I’m top 400 but its still the best I’ve ever done I’m so happy.

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Yer actually I don’t know now lol, there’s some nice scrub jumps! :sunglasses:
But they’re still a little too simple, still fun the more I play them I guess :joy:


Agree, im not dissing anyone, but yea i personally dont like them much

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Looks like maybe it’s gonna be my best week so far :smiley: still have some serious nosewheelies to practice on three mx track though :sweat_smile:


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@THR_Jogga72 Haha nice man!

my run on the first track was fairly decent considering I took the wrong line instead of the backscrub line hahahaha

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