The official MSM2 World Championship discussion!


Congrats to @Bragstad for claiming the title! Well deserved!
And what an awesome production all the way through, turborilla and gumbler has overdone themselves putting this together!


Congrats bragstad.


Awesome job bragstad :+1: as well as @Master52 @TCR_DJAuzzi_CA . you guys really put it down.



When are the tracks coming out for us mortal men?


IDK. Perhaps @JoeW723 will put them in the february track pack


Or, perhaps they would come free of charge as a track pack, alongside STARMAN. The best things in life are free, you know.

It’ll be awesome if it’s free because it’s a historical track pack.

It doesn’t need to be lumped into monthly, because it’s not one. The championship didn’t take place in February, per se


Turborilla needs to make money, I’m happy with paying the $1.65 a month for 12 new tracks. I just wish you also got access to past months if you signed up a month late. I need December!


This was such a hard problem for us to solve. I really liked the idea of track-pack subscriptions, and Apple was excited that we were willing to try out the new subscription option for the Games category, but there just wasn’t a perfect way to present them.

For instance, if we included all previous tracks to new subscribers, it didn’t seem fair to those who had paid for them previously. We’ve talked about introducing old track packs as standard in-app purchases, and still may do that.

There were other challenges too, based around some parameters on iOS, and I think we probably arrived at the best approach, all things considered.

Glad you like the feature!


Any idea when the list of the top 1000 will come out and they will get helmets?:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:…?


I just know it’s in the works.


About the same time the Top3 will get their helmets and I can get this huge hangover put of my head after the official afterparty.


Thank you guys :slight_smile:


Thank YOU Bragstad! You put in sick times both of the days. You deserve it!


Pure luck, man! In all 12 rounds! :grinning:
Great playing!


Hahaha @THR_Birdshaw


Congrats to all 12 guys on making it to WC… Special to my TCR teammates did awesome job!! so proud of you guys!!:sunglasses:


Thanks man!


That after party was crazy simon holy shit haha


Details man, give us the details! :grin:
And congats!