The official MSM2 World Championship discussion!


This is gonna be dope.


I always thought he was old :joy: does anyone know how old he is?


He’s 17.


Seems Parker111 said he’s 14 and half in the intro video. And he mentioned about having a Super Turbo Scrub button. :confused:


Yeah IDK how old Parker is but I’m 100% sure of ZSE’s age.



Please, what is 10am CET in my country’s time?


Your’e in the same time zone.


Something tells me Parker111 blew lies in that video :smile:

Do you watch @Master52? With his customised intro song, attire and choice of words, dude is taking no prisoners. :slight_smile:


Those guys are lit!


If you think Parker’s video was serious you’re wrong. He’s not 14 :smiley:


*14 and a half


Is there a way to open the stream in the twitch app. We kinda need the chat.


Just search for the channel TurborillaGames and you’ll find it. Once the stream start both chat and stream will work as expected in the app.


solyone has been eliminated.

Edit: Sudden Death match: solyone vs Parker111


Not eliminated yet. He’s got a sudden death coming up against #11 in this round


Wouldnt that be scrubs?


No. He saved his arse in the last 3 minutes.


Parker vs Solydeutsch then :slight_smile:


Seeing Parker in the first elemination surprises me a bit


Can anyone give the placement of each round for those of us who can’t watch it live ? Thanks