The official MSM2 World Championship discussion!


Actually there will be no straight rythm :tired_face:
Red Bull didnt want to play and have shut it down themselves after this year.


Nooooooooooo :dizzy_face:


Wow😷 What does this have to do with them not wanting to play. Copyrighting?


I have an idea, no one should talk in here unless it’s confirmation for a new World championship, always get my hopes up when I see new notifications in here and I go to see and it’s nothing but talk, unless it’s about a new world championship I don’t want to hear it, Thanks!


I will stop by and leave a daily comment for you.


Then don’t visit this topic :grinning: if you haven’t noticed there’s a shitload of people on here we’re not all gonna be silent just because “you don’t want to hear it” :grinning:


:joy: Just here to add a notification :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: sorry dude


This guy is determined for the WC!!!


Yeah I won’t visit it then :joy: I was pissed when I did my message haha, I just got all excited when I saw people talking in here thinking there’s another wc happening, then I saw it wasn’t it so I was mad haha :sweat_smile:


Haha it’s all good man i can understand you’d be excited just wasn’t a very tactical way of telling us to shut up :joy:


Hey zach here’s your daily comment :heart_eyes: Qualifying will be next week.


Oh gosh, I need to get to work if there is going to be some gift


Unless auzzi knows stuff that i don’t there’s still absolutely no certainty that there will even be a world championship at all… So don’t worry about rewards just yet haha


Will there be another world championship? Do you know anything ?


yeah man qualifying starts tomorrow


Russia 2018 World Cup qualifier :grinning:


Hi Joe, I think this is the thread related to the subject that I expose you. In the past world championship, a player like OLIVEIRALEO, could not travel due to visa problems. I understand that it is a particular problem because of the policy used by some countries. I think that if again and finally, another world championship takes place, the organization should take these requirements into account. One way to avoid these problems, is to publish in time the dates of classification and final round. Time is vital to be able to apply for visas in the countries that require it. MSM2 presumes to be the best MX game, let’s try that its players have the same possibilities regardless of the country they are.


IIRC, we did it by the book and we tried everything we could to make it work. However something got in the way of it that time…
We also believe that it shouldn’t matter where you’re from and I can assure you that we will do our best to avoid similar situations next time we do something like a WC.


your being 100 % serious ???_


Auzzi is just messing with your head. He has no more information that you have at this point.