The official MSM2 World Championship discussion!

Turborilla and Gumbler proudly present the first ever Mad Skills Motocross 2 World Championship! :heart_eyes:

The guaranteed prizepool is $10,000 USD and will grow through the qualifier. Ten percent of all money spent by players will be added to the prize pool. If you spend $1 USD in a Cash Jam, that will add $0.10 to the prize pool.

The qualifier begin on October 27 and run through November 24, when 12 players will receive invites to the World Championship.

For more details about the World Championship, rules etc please go to or click on the big WC button in the game starting tomorrow at 10.00 CEST. There will also be a FAQ in-game that will answer your most common questions.

Get ready all! This will be an exciting 4 weeks of qualifying!

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Ios only?

No, Android as well.

You can qualify through regular Week Jams which is available for both iOS & Android.

That means four places are up for grabs through regular jam unless some of the other categories have repeat winners, then in the end it’s possible that more places will be open.
But somehow I don’t think this will apply to any of us. :slight_smile:

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Dat helmet tho :slight_smile:

Wait until you’ll see the Gold version (only for the #1 at the end of it all) :smiley:


I know it won’t apply to me, LOL. I can barely make top 10,000 most weeks in Jam. Good luck to all that compete for this!!

Dude I wish you guys would pick the top two players in each country… then for sure I’d be in! :smiley:


Haha, yeah you sure rule “your” country :sunny:
But we are gonna get a helmet :wink:

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Dont really know why this thread hasnt blown up, maybe bacause us regular jokers on this forum has no chance on the top spots… But this world cup thing is a great idea and I applaud the turborilla crew for coming up with it.
Will be really pissed if I miss out on one of those sweet top1k helmets tho :smiley:


I will be in too. Team Nigeria.

You’re actually correct CountVonKasta. Mad Skills is such a great game that the skill level to be among the top 100 is extremely high. I’m around the top 5-10% of the whole player base when it comes to Week Jams, I don’t have a chance and I know many people, even track makers that can’t rank up to the highest leagues in the cash modes.

This WC is to find out the best 12 players in the world and eventually crown a winner, runner-up, and third place finisher. Just like in motocross you can’t expect to beat Dungey or Musquin when you race them but it sure as hell is amazing to watch them race.

That’s what we’re gonna do and expect something really amazing when it comes to the broadcast of the World Championship. Expect details about format, schedule etc to come out within a week :slight_smile:

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Here’s the updated leaderboard as well. As we’re inviting 3 from Dailies, Cash Jam, Jam and 2 from Challenges you’ll see some overlap of the players.

Expect that 4-6th place can be enough to qualify, especially in regular Jam & Challenges.

People are definetly going hard at it, Im hoping to finish within top 500 over the wc period but you can tell everybodys grinding hard even at my level :-o
Its going to be mad amongst the top finishers

Good to see JGOODIN up there. I owe fully 1/3 if not more of my loses to him. That guy is a beast! Will the races be on YouTube?
Im a solid racer but nowhere the caliber of those guys so no hope for me but I do want to see the races.

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Yea. It seems the weekly jam winning races don’t get to be uploaded on YouTube anymore. @bryan

I miss them.

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You definitely will be spending some money to keep your ranks up, I was in the top 20 for a bit, But since ive laid off, my ranks have fallen into the 400’s for Dailies and 68th for Challenges… I’ll settle for the top 1000 helmet tho! those look sick! Hats off to everyone on the leader board tho! Its a fun event and I hope there are more like it to follow!

I think you need to bust @JoeW723’s nuts rather than Bryan’s.

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Yeah I’m behind on them. I’ll try and get caught up soon!

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The idea to form national teams could also be an awesome idea, ‘mad skills motocross des nations’ sounds legit :slight_smile: