The OFFICIAL MSM2 team discussion


Here we go let’s have an official thread for all this talk.

The OFFICIAL Jam week #144 discussion
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The OFFICIAL Jam week #144 discussion



Hahahahaha, couldn’t wait to see a reply from you


Six minutes



@TCR_Elvis_PR made these







Wow! You guys look even gayer than we do. Impressive!


Yup!! And All staff here are THR too!! Hahaha!!! But in the more important thing that is… “Whos the fastest on MSM2”?? TCR got No competition with THR!! hahahaha!!!:joy::joy::joy::muscle::muscle::muscle:


We stopped adding members after we hit 20, zse and Zele wanted to join and we couldn’t say no. So we are not trying to be the biggest team in the game. Just the fastest


Yup!! :sunglasses::muscle::muscle:


We are not elitists. We are for the masses. You guys are just sad that noone wants to join your team.


Heck. We’re in Div 1, same as all y’all. Enter Division Zero, we will respect ya!! :smile:


Your have a career in comedy, I tell ya.

Birdshaw’s last pic is spot on, though.

In about a week of THR existence, we have the following interesting scenarios

  1. THR has more members than TCR :wink:
  2. THR’s thread is a hit, back-to-back. Quite unlike TCR’s :smile:
  3. Arguably, TCR members reply more on THR’s thread than theirs. Mad love for THR : :+1:


What about @Jsl199 , he must have joined after both zse and zele?


BOOM! Lawyered!


Cool to have a fellow teammate as a random opponent, all dressed up n shit :slight_smile:

Edit: 15 minutes later, zup @CountVonKasta :laughing: