The Official LM Sign Up Thread

This is where your real Mad Skills Motocross 2 adventure begins, if you join LM Racing/Legit Memes Racing we guarantee you Memes and a lot of fun. The rules are: 1. You need to like memes 2. Breathe 3. Exist 4. Play Mad Skills and boooom you’re in

RestIP THR?!

![20170803_093417|519x500](upload://eImbSQxd6XYv9zLFlJIirSBmIba.jpg ![20170803_093443|507x500](upload://2K7P5pAzUPyAAzLVJPzFiY9SN0G.jpg

Haha… u leaving THR?

Yeah im starting on scatch by myself…im so lonely

Lol have fun with that :joy:

Hey I want to join LM my ingame name Maggev @OnTheFrontLine @THR_Birdshaw

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