The OFFICIAL Kips magic tanline discussion! (Jam week #138)

Oook! It’s a new Mad Skills week and two new tracks are ready for you, Jam week #138 is here!

This weeks track are created by @JoeW723 and Nolan Beyer and are called Submarine and Blurry

Good scrub luck everyone, and try to keep the thread as alive as the rescent weeks :slight_smile:


Is that a tan line :joy::joy:

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That profile pic though :slight_smile:

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Hell yeah :smile:

It’s Kip.


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Tracks are rad this week once again!! That tan line goes zero to SPF 9000 real quick damnnn :sunglasses:

Great tracks this week homies!!!

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How do you clear the big jump in Submarine cleanly? I’ve tried so much and it’s the only thing hindering my time. Any tips is appreciated.

Try to land as short as possible from the drop before it because the longer of a run you can get at it, the farther your flight trajectory will be.

Carry as much speed as you can leading up to it and stay on the back wheel all the way up the transition then lean forward, last second, just as you leave the top.

I’ve seen one of my random opponents get a huge boost off that jump by wheeling up the entire transition and getting the scrub off the top. Really hard to pull that off intentionally though.

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I already have 436 attempts on submarine. :joy::joy:

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I land on my back wheel on the jump before it the n hit the drop off and angle yourself on your back wheel again and when you reach the peak of the jump wait til you clear the lip to push forward and rock the bike back and forth. Good luck!!!

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Thanks a lot!

Coming off the drop I was able to wheelie into the jump giving me enough speed to clear the jump nicely. I managed to knock .3 seconds off my time.
Now sitting in the top 300! :grin:

@Rahuah is correct, but you can shave off a little time by leaning forward before the ramp and holding it all the way through. It’s a little harder to clear it this way, but it’s a bit faster.

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@JoeW723 @peter

I seem to have lost my Red Bull Helmet. I see another on my rider’s head. Please clarify.

the tracks this week are amazing, a ton of fun!
@Kipketer i am not sure how can you top this week’s epic Jam pic next week :joy:


Do you still have it in the shop? Try to take it off and back on again.

You that jump isn’t easy to get all the way over without casing it a little ,I accidentally was able to ride on the back wheel all the way up the transition of it and scrub it and cleared it by a good distance, Which I’m right out side the top 1000 in the world, I’m just glad that on that attempt I didn’t wreck.

Love the tracks this week, 49th overall might have something to do with that😁

Catchin you this week.

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