The OFFICIAL January Track Pack discussion

Allright guys! Let’s see if anyone will post in here this time. The january track pack is out and has only been so for two days as of yet this time (yay me!)
Give them a whirl and lay down the smack in here!

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Anyone have a list on who designed each track?

@JoeW723 put it all together so he should have one.

Just Glassin - @JoeW723
Blackout - @rcboxer
Bring It Back - @allynbencen
PPAP - @OnTheFrontLine
Run In The Front - @JoeW723
Steam Engine - @JoeW723
Holy Roller - @OnTheFrontLine
Multiply - @JoeW723
Crackpot - @mx.phreek
Breakdown - @JoeW723
Milk and Honey - @JoeW723
Battery - @rcboxer

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Whatchatalkinbout wasn’t created?! I did that DAYS ago!

Seen, sorry. You’re the man :thumbsup:

I even tagged you!
What you’re looking isn’t there, but that’s totally beside the point. Maybe @JoeW723 will be of assistance.

I missed the mention earlier, my bad. Thanks, you rock.

:kiss: no yomo