The OFFICIAL Jam Week #199 Discussion

Boy I’m ballin’


Yep that’s the one :sweat_smile:

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I hate the whoops bc if you wheelie in like you should do in real life you just five and crash so you have to find that perfect balance and stay level then once you hit the second whoop lean back and stay light on that front wheel.


I think the whoops are fun. It takes skill to hit them each lap just right and not just a lucky bounce

This is really hard to explain without being able to show you but if your front wheel pops up, hold back, your back tire should tap second or third whoop with you somewhere around 75°-80°. This sets you up perfect to skip across all the whoops. The problem is that if you hold back, it takes you more vertical and throws it off. So when your back tire hits that first whoop, let off of back. Don’t hit front because you’ll shove your back tire down and hit the front of a whoop. Just let off back for a few whoops then get back onto the back button and you’ll skip right across the whole section. It isn’t going to work the first time. You gotta play around with it and get the feel for it. The front wheel popping up is also luck based on how fast you go into the whoops. It’s a lot more likely to happen 2-4 lap because you’re higher speeds already. But definitely try that out. :smiley::+1:t2:

As u said. I do like this, lean back all the way to the beginning of the whoops, let go of the lean button just so u clear the first whoop, then press lean back again and then exactly as lesterwire says :blush:


Still got work to do though :muscle:

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Sorry if I explained it wrong but that’s what I meant but I did learn a few other things from that thank you @LesterWire

You were onto it but I thought i’d Explain it in depth in case you hadn’t figured out the fancy trick to it. Good luck. :sunglasses::+1:t2:

Thanks man I appreciate it have fun and that track you made is tricky lol.

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