The OFFICIAL Jam Week #199 Discussion

Holy shit!!! Reed, you Dutch motherfucker! It’s been soooooooooooo long!

Edit: 18 months, 3 days.

Oh dear! here we go! What is it with u and Dutch people Birdie? Try to keep your pants on for Christ sake :roll_eyes:

Dude, ol Reed here was a regular back when the forum consisted of me, Kip and the occational tester. Then he disappeared 18 months ago.

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Haha well @cREED22 welcome back fellow “Dutch motherfucker” as birdshaw calls us :joy:

Oh great! What did you do to him :thinking: I mean since he left without goodbyes, just “disappeared “ LOL :joy:

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Yeah welcome back dude :+1: nothing has changed! Only new faces which birdshaw can kick around LOL :joy:

I swear those Whoops are HORRIBLE!!! What sucks is the first time I did the run I hit it perfectly until the game glitched on the last lap and I fell on my face on one of the last jumps on the last lap… WTF who would create such a long and horrible track lol I’m 12k and cant get a better run to save my life… :frowning:

Nice for just comming back, i can play all day and hardly hit top 200


Can anyone else hear the violins😀


But actually the real assholes in this ordeal is @sixfootseven who laid out the track for @JoeW723. The downright evil idea that it should be four laps was @Monroe201


@sixfootseven made the first track?

He explained to Joe what he wanted who then made it.


I’m back guys I was gone for about a month.

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God damn I swear there’s something wrong with the fourth lap!!! I have zse in sight all the way till the fourth lap starts. And I crash in the whoops every time :triumph: on the fourth lap, fucking annoying! Is anybody else experiencing the same thing. Just the fourth lap!?


Always the whoops :rage:

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He scrubs the shit out of the big jump before the whoops on the fourth lap I always get nervous when I’m that close and crash

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thx all:heart:
eheh 4 laps is nuts:rofl:. Like I said before just really struggle to get them right once.
dutchman heeft aardig huis gehouden de afgelopen tijd. dhaaker still strong I see, when I first started playing msm2 he had the #1 spot on the country leaderboard for like forever.
and jup Im on this acc now since it was linked to my google acc. only had to buy a couple of bikes.
I’m watching the turborilla show ep 18 think I’ll download mad skills bmx 2 real soon, looks fun.

Yeah same here buddy. :disappointed:

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Yep and that’s when I loose him out of sight :sweat_smile: damn crazy robot scrubber LOL :joy: Plus crashing hard in the whoops on the fourth lap.

It’s that second last whoop! :man_facepalming:t3: