The OFFICIAL Jam Week #199 Discussion

Oh Birdshaw, so fair and wise

A thousand truths can be seen in you eyes

Your perfect wits, your boyish charm

Seems like you could lift the whole World using but a single arm

You race so fast, control the crowd

Make people want to praise your name out loud

You seem like you could navigate even the fires of hell

And oh yeah… there are new tracks aswell


Santas Satchel is by evil mastermind @JoeW723 and Purple Scar is by allround asshole @LesterWire


Classy tracks. I love me Poppy’s car (purplescar)

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Still sucky time but 59 flat thats pretty cool haha

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Is it just me or does Santa’s Satchel bounce more like a nut sack?

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Live on Twitch. :slight_smile:


So what are we gonna do for jam week 200?

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The stretch are not bad.
is luck …
People who are always behind me are 10+ seconds ahead of me.

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Yasss my dude. We need something special. Like something crazy or a remaster of the first ever week

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Two tracks put together?

Yeah I’m hopeful better not let me down mad skills.

Dang haven’t been this high in a while feels good


Dude I’m not even on the top 1000 hahahaha

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Im not even top 1000

Damn those whoops @JoeW723 why? :sweat_smile:why? I tell you! :joy:


@YZF_JLaRue4 I’m coming for ya! :wink:

Good luck mate!

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Love all the new stuff. bikes, plates, gear, track packs. Just bought the new bikes yesterday when I started so I can kinda keep up Believe it has been over a year I last played the game. I lost my timing on the jumps it is slowly getting back :slight_smile:. On Santa’s Satchel really struggle with the whoops every lap it’s a coin toss if I make it or not and if I’m on a good run I prolly get nervous and mess it up at the end.

then on purple scar I’m doing pretty good on 90% of the track have a good flow. then only this one thing when you finish the 1st lap the top players hit the last jump vertically and that way stay super low I have watched runs of all top players I don’t know if the lean back r forward while they hit it or if they on the gas, all I know is that I have crashed on every single attempt.

For now I’m top 50ish overall. Mostly playing the career mode tracks on the new bike and some versus mode just as many different tracks as possible to get my timing back. Anyways I really enjoy playing the game again.

btw. I’m on the account linked to my google acc. not creed22.

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Are you PRO_MX_GOON?