The OFFICIAL Jam Week #198 Discussion


This week’s tracks are Teddy by @JoeW723 and Cheddy by @rcboxer. I decided to make two haikus this week.

Teddy is not bad
Actually it is quite good
Still don´t like Joe, tho

Cheddy is insane
Ryan simply just isn’t well
I hope he gets piles


Does not exist the possibility to build your own stretch.


Only if you join the Dark Side. Then awarded the stretch builder will you be.


This one goes out to the dragons back on teddy… So many great runs it has screwed up for me


Dammit I’m having fun with the tracks this week!


Yea me too actually, shame i havnt set a good run yet


Well what else is new



I don’t know who to talk to or where to post this but i was just wandering if you guys can make some jam tracks like “Scrubbing Troubles”. Just one big long rhythm section, something that separates the boys from the men. Not complaining about anything I love this game just curious


OTFL in first

bird in 9th


Im currently at 22 in da wurld at Teddy without premium :muscle:


Damn now I am at 23 :frowning: