The OFFICIAL Jam Week #196 Discussion

Twas the night before wednesday and The Turborilla Show was lit

Joe showed us a track he tought would be at hit

A quick glance showed us that that would not be the case

Beacause Nolan Beyer bulit it, and he always puts a frown on my face

Fret not, Joe said, I shall build you an easy one

To counteract Nolans track which we all wish were gone

Little did we know that Joe was full of it

The easy track he made is actually hard as shit

It’s a Joe bumps and throttle control galore

Enough to make any Mad Skills gamer livid to the core

Now what did we learn from this whole ordeal

Don’t ever trust Joe, his promises are never real


THR Playground will be the stomping ground this week definitely.

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Hey all you guys go watch my run on THR playground I hit something incredible but havent been able to do it again it was like my first try hitting the track and I don’t even know how I did it go watch it now I won’t beat my time so you guys can watch it

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Amazing poetry Birdshaw :clap:

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Should I just build a straight line track for you birdshaw? :joy:


Nah… put in a single jump.

But to be fair, I barely play the tracks before doing the poem😀

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Btw. There is no mad skills stream tonight because @OnTheFrontLine is in the mountains killing bears with his bare teeth.

Your track is a beauty :heart_eyes::+1:

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I’ve so thought of this and wonder how it would turn out

Nice bounce they’ll be hitting it soon if its faster

Justine you have my permission to shoot Joe in the face on pubg.
This has been a publis service Amber alert​:unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:

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Yeah, I wouldnt be too proud of that😀

But actually he meant Nolans track.

How is everyone liking my track design? THR Playground? It’s my first track but joe did a great job making it.


O rip :stuck_out_tongue:

I oretty much never say anything positive about the tracks, so dont go by my accounts.

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Okay lol. What’s bad about mine :joy:


Read the poem.


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Man, just ran a fire fast lap on my track. It’s 13th in the world.

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