The OFFICIAL Jam Week #195 Discussion


Joe made Full Stack, a real snooze fest

But with his back catalogue it probably ranks as one of the the best

A little up, a little down, and a few whoops

I bet it wasnt even finished when he uploaded it - Oops!

On to Tough Luck Jr made by Onthefrontline

Now you all think I will start to whine

But not this day, I think it’s just fine and dandy

Easily as addictive as any candy

Just kidding; screw your damn throttle control

I think I’m starting to dislike you as a whole


Nice tracks this week.

That wall at the end of Frontline’s track though :confused:


Not a bad start so far… :roll_eyes:


its bad…



Always at the end…


The story behind this track was that some idiot named JRsomething wrote an e-mail to Joe really whining about the track Kips Fault, calling it the worst ever and wanting Frontline fired. So Frontline put in every single annoying element he could come up with including a direct copy paste of the stupid wall jump… and put it riiiight at the end. Just to piss off that guy.


I knew it was exactly the same. Anyways lmao😂. remember that crazy flip bounce bragstad was doing one week. Flipped right over the on off and bounced right over the wall😂


I wonder if he will notice it was pointed towards him, saying tough luck JR lol


At least it’s only one lap this time haha


Nice rhymes :+1:




I’m liking both of these tracks. And tough luck isnt to hard to where its lame. Its quit fun


Pretty good for only 33 attempts


If I could just take my run and get the wall bounce I have the potential for a high 57


I was just beating my ghost that doesn’t hit the bounce by like 36 meters and then hit the bounce but didnt think I was gonna clear it and gave up in mid air and turns out I wouldve cleared it easily fml…


My work is done