The OFFICIAL Jam Week #192 Discussion


The new tracks are here,
why do people keep saying @WFO_quaid is queer?
The first track is named after some Norwegian asshole,
probably makes @onthefrontline want to sit on a pole.
The second one is made by Joe,
makes sense since it has no flow.
That guy is oblivious to the endo trick,
proves he’s just a suburban Chicago hick.
That’s all from me this time,
you will have to wait a while for more masterfulness in rhyme.

Hijacked by Birdshaw


Yes it is :+1:


Yes you sure can, yet another week and another joe track where u have to front wheel it :smirk:


Also i think there’s a faster line at the beginning… i screwed up after so I’m not 100% sure it’s gonna work out but i think if you hit it cleanly it will… It’s kinda hard to hit but this is the one:
Red is what everyone’s currently doing, green is the faster line


Fuck you, Lorly, you thread stealing asshole!


Dude i didn’t create it!!! Blame the guy who did not me :joy: i thought the same but since it was already here might as well post in it right


Well Imma blame you anyway!


Man. I was looking forward to some nice poetry.:wink:


First of all, my poetry is not “nice”! It’s masterful! And secondly it might still happen.


Hit us up please @THR_Birdshaw


Hell yeah.






Holy crap!!!


I hit that, you have to backscrub the first jump, its hard


Yeah exactly man! I screwed up afterwards though so i didn’t know how much faster it is haha


I didn’t do this on purpose! But I should have known…


Yeah you’ve made tracks long enough to know better


You never seem to do anything on purpose do you :joy: those nosewheelies are cool though so don’t feel bad for not taking it out :grinning:


It hit this before and came out equal with my opponent didn’t hit it very clean though so who knows