The OFFICIAL jam Week #191 Discussion

10 am… open mad skills. Uuuuhhhhh, new tracks. Blood Bank and Wheat Rolls, Sounds alllright. First track @JoeW723… no surprise there. The second… Uhh I bet it’s OnthefOOOHHH FUCK THAT! It’s The Stone. JESUS! FML!


I feel ya, fml on that second track too. It might not be as bad as it looks though

Oh I hadn’t even looked at it when I wrote it. I have now, and I stand by my writings😀


3 attempts later… Yea its gonna be a rough week.


Kuddles track is amazeballs



Woooooooooo :grin::grin::grin:


Just goes to show what a random luck fest it is😀


By over half a second good job😉

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So is OTFL not streaming anymore?

Heading home from Disney World as we speak. He should be back streaming i a few days.

He just didn’t want to stream and have to play my track again. He got too pissed off on the last one :rofl:

Now that’s The point where normal people would change their ways…

Oh yea how about the turborilla show? Have they been too busy

Frontwhine has been away on vacation for the past two weeks. I belive Joe is going to Sweden any day now and that might fuck up next week aswell.


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Give me tips guysScreenshot_2017-10-12-20-34-47

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Premium rounds will make a world’s difference

I dont have premium shit

Make sure to time the letting go off the gas on those big uphill jumps perfectly… That’ll save a bunch of time :grinning:

I have another tip… Enjoy the #1 netherlands position on the other track while you still can… Cause I’m coming for you like tomorrow or something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: