The OFFICIAL Jam Week #190 Discussion


The tracks this weeks are Boxer and Feather,
kinda reminds me of the time I banged this chick named Heather.
Wait, is this something you’d write in a jam thread?
Meh, maybe the the power has gone to my head.
Anyway @rcboxer and @JoeW723 made these tracks,
confirming their places as this games biggest hacks.
The new tracks are here to quench your thirst,
go out and get them as I have taken first.


I’m on iPhone and it’s lagging and freezing on the first track with the new background, anyone else having trouble?


Oh yeah


Nice early jamming bro


Noone likes my poetry?! I pour my heart out for you bastards! Pearls before swine!


I loved it :tada:


88 attempts. I’m loving this track so far… All up until that stupid dragons back at the end lol.


Damn. And now I almost had the world record on boxer ill upload a video tomorrow I swear I was beating dj by at least .5 seconds :cold_sweat: so sad the finish :rage:


YSuch beautiful poetry! OTFL_ Bob…


I dont understand how you guys are so fast… :joy:


Me and you seem pretty even. Wanna send me a vs challenge


Yeah man. #72 vs #72 haha


Just practice on your scrubs and find the right line and you’ll be setting some fast times, @SevenDuece @THR_KingT72


I keep on putting nice runs on the second track the messing up on the end. I think im just done with this week


Yeah the end is pretty tricky


The end separates the men from the boys.


Hey guys its been awhile but I’m back.


Not doing too bad I guess…


Thats so true.


I guess imma man then :joy::joy: