The OFFICIAL Jam Week #189 Discussion


It isn’t with mine


Stil early but at least I’m ahead of @THR_Sam27 lol


Still* don’t know what happened to the other l.


Hence “weak ass”.
Idk what phone the whiner has, but the fact is that the track with the desert background runs better than the ghost town one.


I would prefer that you could disable backgrounds completely to improve performance, last years winter background absolutely destroyed frame rates.


Well this made me take a second look…

i was like woah that’s different


Same here man


Are the houses like the campervan Only show up every now and then.


Haha nice man Congrats! I still need to grind on that 1st track :sweat_smile:


I think the second track this week is actually one of my favourites of all time, so addictive and all the rythums and scrubs just feel so sick!


I have attempted the first track atleast 760 times and I haven’t been able to get a faster time but it’s only Sunday so.


Haha yer you have a pretty good time so it will be hard to beat!

I’ve had about 220 so far :+1:


Are you gonna put out a tutorial of the first jam track on your YouTube channel possibly, @THR_Sam27


No. The track was a ghost town track. Every single track has been changed to the halloween theme.


Still won’t help me. Lol,i just need to get that triple to hit faster line.


Everything was ghost town and now its back to regular what happened? I love the Halloween background.


I stil have the halloween


Just skim the whoops and make sure you land on the face of the first triple and seatbounce to get the second triple, hope that helps


That’s what im messing up on, is the seat bounce


Yea it’s hard for sure