The OFFICIAL Jam Week #189 Discussion


Some say it’s Thursday once again, others are lying bastards! Anyways, the new tracks are here and you must give it hell.
The tracks this week are Byegone by @JoeW723 and POS Throttle Control Hell by @OnTheFrontLine. At least Thats what I think it’s called.

Allright Allright. Its actually a quite fun track once you get a few runs in. It’s called King Way btw.


Would you like every week handed to you, or do you like a bit of a challenge?


Every week handed to me, please.


Yes, it would be nice. These past few tracks have been quite a challenge.:joy:


These tracks are hard.


Good thing I have good throttle control bc I’m doing good on the second track.


Tabbruciu team domina porcodio


ci es bigpoopito


Love the Ghost Town Theme on Byegone!


yeah the background is sweet


On the second track after the double if you can triple, its faster. I just pulled it off. But you have to do it clean to get through the next section


Or what i did which is double double then back scrub the last one. Which puts you in a faster line so you dont have to hit that steep jump


I have 0 throttle control and man do these tracks suck I had all the little tiny bumps and stuff there pretty fun and addicting lol but I’ve gone through 2 phones


I love the background and this track suits me well but I haven’t played it much.


Im hearing complaints that the new background is very heavy on weak ass androids. @hyarion


@THR_Birdshaw What do you mean heavy? I’m on android…


Lag issues


Works fine with mine and its not no high tech galaxy. All I have is a lancet: basic smart phone, works just fine


I didn’t notice any difference or issue. I think that’s more of a device problem, low memory or such.


Early but still pretty good times