The OFFICIAL Jam Week #188 Discussion

Last time they tried to fix it it worked out horrible… Everyone hated it… And besides its just one more trick separating the men from the boys… Just learn
how to do it yourself or deal with it :grinning:


If I had cleared the second dragon back I would have you on Jones bones

Once upon a time … „Mad Skills Motocross 2 features the best motorcycle physics …“ :roll_eyes::thinking:

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Side scrolling game… Mx simulator is bomb with physics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I tried the nose wheelie. Did it first try. Now I can’t do it again. Lol. Having fun with this weeks tracks.


They actually “fix” it with the old bike 11. The whole community went

so they changed it back.

The whole community?
MSM2 lost about 70000 drivers in the last 1,5 years… :sleepy:

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It’s an old ass game. The fact that we still have so many players is amazing. And actually most players aren’t playing jam.

You have proof Mate thats all that matters :metal::metal:

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Hey @KidM66 either shut up and enjoy the game or learn how to get on that front wheel it takes practice but once you do it u get better at it.

Noticed that too

The nose wheelie down hill isnt actually all that hard, compared to some of the whoops bounces and scrubs required for fast times.

And engine braking is a real thing, so this is closest to reality.

Great tracks this week!

I member that. Old bike 11 was a wheelie beast.

When I first got it, it didnt feel right. Like wierd and slower, so I stayed on bike 10 until it was fixed

For all you nose wheelie complainers… 95 attempts and I hit it with a fast time :+1:


JUST pulled it off… Then I took a trip through space :triumph:


Screenshot_2017-09-22-21-58-21 what are the chances I race MASTER52


Screenshot_2017-09-22-22-06-20 and win lol

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I was so annoyed that I messed up when I landed