The OFFICIAL Jam Week #188 Discussion

That’s bc the front tire spins freely like real life, it has no limit. The back tire is powered by motor which can only go so fast.

THR_pepper is exploiting a glitch on leader boards he used bike 8 to get a fast time on overboard but used bike 11 to get fastest time on jones bones and is now on top beating all bike 8 by 10 seconds IMG_1563IMG_1564IMG_1562IMG_1565

On bike 8 THR_Pepper doesn’t need have a finished run of any time

On the track jones bones

So he isn’t exploring it cause I tried the glitch maybe has to be like your first run but not accusing him just maybe he accidentally did it

How’d you get this photo :joy: I never showed anyone this beside my biggest fan, myself!


I see he ran one track bike 8 and the other he didnt so it added his time with 11 to it. Its not him its probably a leader board bug

Isn’t the internet just amazing😜

Ughh I just has a decent run them the second dragons back i had a small case plus a wheelie I had to save so i didnt crash. There went my run.

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@THR_Jogga72 look me you and @ACESEA5 are all in the top 5 on both tracks on bike 8!

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Well I’ll help to cover it in THR

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Just did a few runs on each track quickly


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Haha this is great :sweat_smile: Finally THR Rules!! :metal:

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I had you until the whoops, then I lost a while second

LOL… this is hilarious. I never even ran Jones Bones with bike 8. I ran overboard just to show a friend that you can run the line with bike 8 ( he is a new player). I’ll go put a time up and see if it changes.

Just had another go


I just snuck in… 2nd… gotta do Jones Bones… too :joy:

The nose wheelie bug sucks! Bye bye MSM2 … CU again with a fixed bike #12

No need for a bike 12 and its not a bug

It works with all bike. Read up above👆