The OFFICIAL Jam Week #188 Discussion

I don’t have anything funny to say this week, so lets just get to it!

The tracks this week are Overboard by @JoeW723 and Jones Bones by @LesterWire (YOUR TRACK DOESN’T SUCK, GERDES!) designed by @YZF_JLaRue4.

Below I have included a picture of @Zse743 with the trophy he got for winning last week.

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KicKicking it off with a decent time :sunglasses: that second dragons back gets all my good runs I hope it kills y’all too hahahaha

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I’ll be damned if I can hit that nose wheelie once this week

There’s a trick to it. Wonder who’s gonna do it first. :smirk:

What’s the trick?? :cold_sweat: frontflip over the dragons back?
Btw hustle up people get grinding lol.

6’7 did it. You can get more of a backscrub thing out of it and slide right over that last peak.

Oh yeah I know what now that’s hard though ill be trying it out later

Gotta say this is the best I have been ranked… Screenshot_20170921-101849


I know ot wont last long so I better put it out there ASAP… lol… :joy:


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The nose wheelie. Lol. I don’t understand how it is sooooo much faster than the regular wheelie. I guess not having that pesky rear wheel and all that HP pushing you along some how magically adds 20 HP. Must work much the same as a fart can on a Honda. Haha. Some one needs to get this to the race teams. Would love to see them rolling around on the front wheel in supercross!!!

Just joking. I know it is just a game. That front wheelie jump is insanity.


You ever dropped a few gears the let off the clutch? Instant slow down. Works that way with the highest gear, too. You can only go so fast on that back wheel. Eliminate that and it’s just the front wheel which is bearings. No restraints. All out speed.

If the game is based on physics and gravity that would be the best way to gain speed downhill… this would of course probably be ignoring friction of the dirt going down the hill… is tire friction taken into account in the game for the front tire? does anyone know that?.. lol…

Someone once said that what the bike levels does is limit how fast the back wheel turns. There is no such limit on the front wheel.

Man I’m sucking on jones bones for bike 8 but decent on overboard

Best rankings so far out of any jam week my score won’t last long though lol IMG_1561

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Nice Track this week. I think you did a good job. It is different than most but it works… I still need to hit this one a little better too. Your track… you need to take 1st this week… :wink:

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I will be trying my hardest :grinning:

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Tried bike 8. I had forgotten how fun it was to ride it :sweat_smile:


Lets keep THR in the top shall we :smiley: