The OFFICIAL Jam Week #187 Discussion

It’s time to take a break from life… The new tracks are here! As @OnTheFrontLine always says “GO OUTSIDE!” I agree… just bring your phone.

The tracks this week are Park by @JoeW723 and Count Trackula by The Stone… you know what @Matt_Kudla… I’m not holding my hand over you anymore you damn psycho! HE’S THE GUY! Get your pitchforks here.
I have the standard -------E
The Euro -------€
The Brexit --------£
The Retard -------$
And a special offer for a used one -------F
Get them while they’re hot. I accept PayPal, deposits made to my debit card (eh @THR_Dutchman) and food stamps.


I like the tracks this week but they are two laps.

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A track I’m finally good at. No scrubs lol😂

If ever someone’s mind needed to be digitally preserved for future generations. This post is genius! And so is The Stone’s track! :+1: :vampire:

I planned to make a one lapper, but it opened up some cool lines on lap 2 so I just went with it.


Good choice :+1::smiley:

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I appreciate the kind words @Rahuah.

The more you play it the more fun it is thx for the two lappers @JoeW723



Well now I’m not going to be able to count anything all week with out saying Ah Ah Ah afterwards. So thanks for that.


Why arnt yall hopping the wall on the first lap. I have pulled it off a few times and it comes out faster

Yeah, I’ve hit it a few times too and gives a good sized gap at the start vs not. Haven’t been able to make a full run with it and have it stick yet. But I’ll take a wild guess as to the reason most are not. sixfootseven tweak blasted a 1:20 flat without?

Yea, they are just so clean. But for ppl like me. It is faster.

I think it is a little faster just hard to do. I should be able to lower this some but a 1.20? Ya no way. lol. IMG_0509

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I know I can get a mid 22. I would of but i oj’d the one jump then messed up the on off at the end of the last lap. Made me so mad

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I’ve played against people who hop the wall and its not any faster if you ecetute the slow down. Just my opinion though
But honestly go for whatever suits you on that track thats my best advice :grinning:

Yea, if you hit them both clean, they come out even

Never seen sh4t like this before. 0o


Glitch or hack… @JoeW723 @hyarion

Probably hack… Look at the helmet he has equiped :thinking: can’t remember seeing this guy at the world championship let alone in 2nd place :grinning:


Yeah his profile is hacked as all hell. Happens a lot. Only thing surprising about that is that He’s not Norwegian. :grinning:
The run may still be a glitch.