The OFFICIAL Jam Week #186 Discussion


Twas written in the stars that on this very day at 10pm real people time, the new jam tracks would arrive.

This week they are Loot by @JoeW723 and Chupacabra by our inhouse psycho @rcboxer.

Have at it.


Loot looks fun, but that other one Idk. We might have some moments


PSA: @OnTheFrontLine will NOT be streaming tonight. That jerkoff somehow thinks his real life is more important than a horde of shittalking assholes. Go figure.


Nice tracks!!! :+1: maybe I’ll finally grind a bit more again this week :joy:


Same here. :smiley:


Some nice tracks this week.



One down! One to go! :grin:
It sure took me a lot of tries till i managed to go under 37. :sweat_smile: It’s hard to scrub the triple before the humptydumpty jump in the end :smiley:


Nice @THR_Jogga72


Frontline will be doing a one hour Mad Skills stream at 3pm central. Thats 22 real people time. As in a little under three hours from now. Be there or be a jerk, or something.


Cool ill watch it!


I’ll take that :grimacing:


Man how are you all getting over that little dragons back and over the roller on chupacabra?


Lol it’s not easy. It usually messes me up too :unamused:


Trying to grind in between sessions. So far I can’t acomplish nothing :joy:


Where at?


Feeling good about this week


Me too, just haven’t got a good time on Loot yet


Not to bad. Would like to brake into the 49’s on EL and into the 36’s on Loot. So close on both of them.


That second tracks gonna get me admitted Into a mental hospital :scream::scream: