The OFFICIAL Jam Week #185 Discussion

I bet a lot of you were thinking: “Is that asshole @THR_Birdshaw too damn lazy to make the jam thread in time?” Pretty much.

The tracks this week are Pub by @JoeW723 and Fuckscrubbers Paradise aka Kip’s Fault by @OnTheFrontLine.

Speaking of lazy bastards said @OnTheFrontLine will be around an hour late for the stream tonight.

I was, however, not too lazy to take first

@JoeW723… killing me on that begining… why a wierd little jump and immediately woops… and in the woops… was it necessary to have that little wider woop to ruin my rythum that i got started finally?? :thinking:

Lol… anyway… nice tracks… as always… I just need to get through the start… lol…:joy:

It’s so you don’t land in the whoops on the second lap. Haha

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It’s not weird, it is little though.

Because JoeBumps™

Clearly, you haven’t made it to lap 2 yet :slight_smile:


Lol… I was just trying to give you a hard time… Its genious… I restarted about 200 times already on that start though lol… yeah the second lap… it works great… I always love the tracks after getting a handle on them… great work as always… ! :blush:


I’m just giving you a hard time back :slight_smile:


Lol… you were right though lol… I jadnt made it to the 2nd lap… :joy::joy:

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@OnTheFrontLine are you trying to blame kip for this wall bounce? :joy:

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Well it IS his fault…

What ever happened to Kip? Haven’t seen him post in a while and his activity suggests he went real quiet back at the end of April?


His last visit here was may first. He quit because of reasons.

Ah, IC. Okay, then it’s definitely his fault. :japanese_goblin:

luving these tracks, you guys never seem to dissapoint

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Best two tracks so far they are faster and you have to scrub that’s how I like them. I don’t like those floater jumps that sends you flying half way across the track.

it’s possible to jump the wall in Kip’s Fault?:thinking:

Super possible.


I don’t know try it @Lopitejo

It defintly is

Yea it’s possible, I’ve done it a ton of times

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Bull I haven’t even done it yet once :rage:

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