The OFFICIAL Jam Week # 184 Discussion

Haha true

Lol thanks, I’ve slipped a little to 35th lol. Times are getting tight at top. Only need a couple tenth to get in top bunch.

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We’ve got a pro rider in the game also a pro in real life in the top 10, jcooper


I went to go watch him at Loretta and then I saw him on TV he got 2nd one race im already a fan he’s going to be a top 5 guy before u know it. Maybe even a championship?



I’m going to the iron man pro national tomorrow it will be my first one I’ve been to 5 supercross races.

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Is he in the forums?


Love this trackScreenshot_2017-08-25-16-48-54

Justin cooper?

Yea Justin Cooper

I don’t think so but i can try to get him on. And good luck I will be watching

And yes he was a beast at lorettas and his first national race was just outstanding. He has a bright future. Do you know sam Redman?



@THR_KingT72 I was going to race the iron man amateur day but we had other plans to do on Sunday so I’m a little bummed but hey I get to watch the pro national.

Yea, im pretty sure sam qualified or atleast is going up to iron man to try and get in. He usually does. I just wish he would go 250 he would be so much better, Than racing 450

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@THR_KingT72 but to build a competitive 250 in the pros it would cost $15,000-20,000 dollars.

It’s looking to be a good week so far :muscle::fire:

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God i haven’t even set times yet :joy: seriously need to get grinding :joy: