The OFFICIAL Jam Week # 184 Discussion

This week, right on cue; BAM! NEW JAM TRACKS! I bet you, if you listen REEEEEAL hard, you can hear the whispers of the ghosts of jam weeks past…
Maybe not…

The tracks this week are Grays Peak by @JoeW723 and Chit Chat by @mx.phreek.

I have taken first and this week I’m sure it’ll hold.

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First second

It won’t last but never been top before


PSA: @OnTheFrontLine will NOT be streaming tonight. I advice you all to take a nice stroll instead. And bring your phone for mad skills.


You’re so funny birdy

True. But the part about the canceled stream is true.

Maybe marty or dj should stan it.

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noooo, ive been sitting here waiting for like 30 mins and was like wtf

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Hahaha he even said it last week :joy:

I like these tracks more.

I just wish it was 1 or maybe 2 laps not 3.

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Yeah i wish that to :blush:

So I just backscrubed the table and ran this line on the first lapScreenshot_2017-08-24-19-00-57 it puts me ahead like 17m from quading, im pretty sure thats around 0.5-1.00 second and I run the best lap then come to lap 2 I die. You know how mad I am I could have around a 14.00 to 13.50 which would be great for me and get me high up on the leaderboards :triumph::sob:

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Clean, I’ve hit that before but haven’t managed to hit it again its pretty fast, that track can be frustrating!

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Also I think there is a line at the beggining including the dragons back, anyone follow me I’ve almost hit it it would be very hard if anyone can do it but its this, you bounce in the dragons back right at the beggining and get that little jump that will send you into the table tops instead of having to jump that huge quad


To anyone who is having trouble hiting the fast line on chit chat,I found a easier line at the beginning to put you in the fast line. Its pretty close to equal to the other run. Its just easier than doing that bounce. I suggest you look me up and watch it if you are having trouble. It gave me a 42 run and it wasnt even clean. I can still shave off about .5

Hehe what happened bro @LesterWire

It’s only Thursday. :smirk:


Been going for that scrub hoping for a backscrub. I knew it would be fast. :grin:

I’m loving your track this week @mx.phreek but so frustrating to :joy: Can’t get the scrub for the drop or the last scrub before the end. But still, my goal was under 42 so I’m happy :grin::smiley:


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