The OFFICIAL Jam Week #183 Discussion

LOL… I am no.1 in my state… :laughing:… also the only one… lol

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That’s the way too go for sure! I just watched the best guy olivieraleo or something like that he hits it beautifully

I need premium!

Yes you do

I might take no. 1 on bike one in NM… lol… where are the other NM players?

THR_Brandon and @SIRSCRUBSALOT… Finally found a way to get a good WR lol… no.12 world lol

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The 1:01 is good. However the 48 can be

There’s a line we are taking. And because you don’t have premium you might not have the right line

Tell me what you are doing plz @THR_KingT72

Or watch my reply and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

I can help you

How? @mundey10

Ok I got you

1 Like watch that… It’s @OnTheFrontLine twitch stream from yesterday… All of the lines are somewhere in that video… Don’t exactly know where you gotta find that yourself :grinning:

Forgot all about that, you need to watch twitch with onthefrontline for tips. Also holdsworth productions on YouTube is thr_sam one of the fastes guys

Thx guys!

Also WFO_ZSE743 has a YouTube channel

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I’m mad I had a good run going untill the wall and I cases the double. It was a mid 59 run turned into a 1:00. Even backscrubbed onto the on offs which made up some time

Well I’m liking this track. The other gets me at the end though. Every time.


Another tennessee boy :+1: I gave you a follow … THR _Sycho0182

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