The OFFICIAL Jam Week #183 Discussion

Every week at 10 real people time the new jam tracks come up. Every single week at 10 RPT EXACTLY (eh @JoeW723) the new tracks come up.

This week they are Stormy by @JoeW723 and Free Your Grind by @LesterWire (YOU SUCK, GERDES!)

Now that the tracks are finally here, go get them.


Something is going wrong with the leaderboards @JoeW723 these are the world record times on both individual tracks right now

And here’s the overall world record by a random guy, way faster than the 2 track world records combined

Sixfootseven in 15th is the first time that actually makes sense for the overall leaderboards

Gerdes sucks so much his track messes up the boards.


Damnit @LesterWire I know the struggle of the married life but did you really have to take out your frustrations on us :smile:


I haven’t played the tracks yet so here we go.

That is weird. That one guys times are legit on both tracks, but they just don’t add up correctly. I didn’t the wrong overall times. Hopefully more don’t show up.

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The tracks are good this week.

Yes. :blush:


@LesterWire @JoeW723 the tracks are good this week thank you guys.


Fun fact: I got the name for my track this week trying to guess @OnTheFrontLine’s FYG meaning. :joy:


Dude that is hilarious :joy::+1:t2:

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Actually the track was designed by @motoman154. I can’t remember it what the G stands for, but the F and Y are exactly what you’d think they would be.

So close but yet so far :triumph:

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I would like to see storm turned into a 10 lap enurance course.

@LesterWire awesome first track!!! Keep it up! :+1:

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Glad you like it. :grin: Just waiting for a backscrub or brake scrub in a run over that quad that I hate.

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Here hold my beer :joy: haha that’d be insane but i think someone might get it by the end of the week

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Some definitely will. Quite a few in the WFO/YG chat have hit both but not in successful runs.


All caps tax.

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@THR_Birdshaw, I know this isn’t the name change thread but this dude I play in verus is annoying the crap out of me for a name change can you please change it??