The OFFICIAL jam week #182 Discussion


Thursday and time for new jam tracks it is. @JoeW723 Blink and @rcboxer Raptors created have. Many, many times you must play.


Both tracks are looking fun, I hope they actually are :joy:


Bike one is where it’s at! :call_me_hand:


I’m sucking at the tracks this week



Well I’m taped out already. Time to kick back and watch my position fall.


Just played blink what do you guys think of my time?


I’m suckin this week too, that darn bump in the middle of track 1 and the 2nd set of whoops on track 2…




Top 41 WR time :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Haha I’m 2 positions ahead of you :wink:



Ill get you back when I get home :grin:


Ok :joy:


@Parker111 the homies


That’s a darn good time you got there man :grinning:


Coming for ya man :wink::muscle:


bring it buttercup


Dont know if its been mentioned at all but i was playing through the bike 9 leader boards, made my way up to 2nd (worldwide) to ZSE on both tracks, then when i viewed the overall standings for bike 9 im sitting in first and ZSE is sitting in 10th place overall… Anyone had this happen before? Edit: now asvendgard is sitting at the top.


I’ve seen on bike 11 bragstad set a 1:40 something over all and with bike 1 he had well over a minute on both tracks yet overall bike 1 he had 1:50 something it should have been around 3 minutes. This was just the first week of the update I realized