The OFFICIAL Jam week #181 Discussion

This week’s discussion will be all about floors. Nice ones in particular… what am I saying?! We have a thread just for that… for some reason.
The tracks this week are Achilles by @OnTheFrontLine and Blood Bath by @JoeW723.
You MUST go kill them!

Mr @OnTheFrontLine will be late for the stream tonight by about 45 minutes to an hour. He cited some BS reason like having to pick up his kids from school. As if they were more important than us. Crazy huh? But fret not, there will be mad skills action for you.


Can u post on the messenger chat when he goes live please sire. So i can abandone my work station and adjourn to the lavatory quarters :grin::grin:


In other words, he will be hosting baking with birdshaw for 45 mins?

Baking right now actually😀

Good thinking, that way you can edit the show to fit the slot

I’ve got a few words to say to this little guy.

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@OnTheFrontLine where you at playa!?

He will play very soon live at
In 10 minutes or so.


You need to add me bae🐝

For what?

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sick track this week @JoeW723 @OnTheFrontLine

nice time on Achilles @JamesA


Thanks man. I wish I could get a better time on it

blood bath. Good name for it. That big O wall jump is a killer.

As soon as I get that nose wheelie clean without messing up on achilles I’ll have a pretty decent time.

@JamesA I don’t know how you are doing that last jump on Achilles where you lean forward, If I go as slow as you into that I come up short and if I go fast enough to make it I’m way higher. I’d have a killer run if I could actually do that ending.

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Blood Bath is brutal. Any advice on that wall jump. Im having a hard time figuring out the little dbl before it as well. Do you slow down, do you do a flip scrub? I’m fine everywhere else on the track. This middle section is killing my time though.