The OFFICIAL Jam Week #180 Discussion

It’s thursday, there are new jam tracks, and I hate them allready. Double whoop bounce… really?
The tracks are Juggernaut by @JoeW723 and Downshift by The_Stone. Anyone know him?
Anyway, go get them.

@THR_BLISSY52 your my new hero for that run on the 2nd track that’s insane!


Dude that scrub u miraculously pulled off was pretty darn impressive. lol


I wish I could say i meant it :joy::joy::joy:

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Took me a while to get the second bounce over perfect. Shame about the beginning of the run. Needs improvements

I can’t get either its like it bogs down when I go to do the first one

What this part?

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Yeah I land back wheel up inside the 2nd whoop but it ain’t giving me nothing

I hate these tracks

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So I was thinking when week 200 comes out there should be something special kinda like a 100th episode on tv or 1 millionth customer, yall should have jam week 1 out on the 200th week but a remastered version for bike 11. Thoughts?

It should be called mad luck instead of madskills if they are going to put tracks like juggernaut

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I hate that track too

And yeah I was thinking they should do something special for jam week 200

Luck does seem to favor the skilled. We still have the top guys on top. But I’ll admit that we do have a lot of new faces aswell

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Yeah like the first in the world like was doing super bad and then he gets super lucky with that jump

@YG_DJAuzzi Why you gotta make it look so easy man :triumph::joy:

Just wait for a little later in the round man… I can pretty much guarantee you that the top guys will be the usual ones… As much as you think it’s luck it’s mostly skill… Obviously it takes a bit of luck to hit some stuff but there’s elements of that in a lot of tracks

I dont understand why why some of yall are hating on juggernaut its not that hard, its actually a releif for me of all the crazy tracks we have had lately but the other track does kinda suck

When I pulled that tap through the woops I was jumping and hollering as if I won the lottery. Not bad for 88 attempts and its my personal best. Premium sure does pay off

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Ya dude like I like juggernaut but like I scrub everything’s and then these random guys just come and do it without scrub or anything and it makes me jealous :joy: