Sigh… here we go again. More jam tracks. AWESOME!
The tracks are Funny Ways by @JoeW723 and Ride the Wave by @mx_phreek.
Give em a go.
I would have taken first overall if it hadnt be for that bastard @THR_Sam27 so we will have to make do with track 2

How do you let out your mad skills?

@THR_Birdshaw you are de man Top 1 in the world so many times. well done. :dizzy_face:


Love the tracks here’s me so far


Can someone change my name to yg_wizard? Haha jk (2nd jam track)


Nice scrub


Your track is awesome. And braggy’s flip makes it even better.


Yeah great track, technical af, love it


Finally found something I’m good at


Hahaha I’m sorry @THR_Birdshaw, I’m 4th overall now so you can have that 1st spot :joy::joy::wink:

Loving these tracks by the way! :ok_hand:


I’ll take my 171


Got top 5’s all the way until bike #11. Its also sad my time on bike 10 is fatser than the time on bike 11


Omfg I just screwed up a #1 run on the last scrub on first track. I was 10m ahead of brag :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Ok now I’m happy


@Bragstad on mine try after you do a good nose wheelie and quad then triple and then instead of doing the flip scrub over that one jump give it little wheel tap over next one then preload hard to triple again that will put you back to the quad before uphill section. It’s pretty fast if you get a good boost from a nose wheelie at start.


Its pretty dang hard to triple after the wheel tap but it will be way faster


So far so good! No sixfootseven line yet though :neutral_face::joy:


Yeah did that line before i started doing the frontflip, might go back to it but its hard to get that last triple


Mad cunt. :metal::metal:


Why that last scrub on track 1?!! I would’ve had the world record 3 times already but messed up all 3 runs on that last scrub on lap 2 :weary::weary::weary: it’s an awesome track though @JoeW723 :+1:


I do that too all the time