The OFFICIAL Jam Week #178 Discussion

For Us all Comes a time when new tracKs are needed. YOU might think, “is it now?” DUTCHMAN, yes it is.

The tracks this week are Rival by @JoeW723 and FYG by @OnTheFrontLine

Go get em!

Since it’s very clear that you put a lot of effort into this thread, i have also made sure to put in a lot of effort to get times to start the screenshot spamfest :grinning:

I think @OnTheFrontLine gets the wtf trophy this week :joy::joy::joy: jokes this weeks tracks are pretty darn sweet. :metal::metal:

Haven’t had a chance to race the tracks yet but I saw the track name FYG and started to laugh because speculation of what it means might need a thread of its own! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have been so busy latley and new jams are slipping up on me I’m forgetting all about them untill i see this

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Whoops, scrub, whoops, scrub, scrub, whoops, scrub. I like it. Up until that stupid dragon back.


Not going to lie… I seriously cant even remember what the hell FYG stands for. Anyone from the twitch chat recall?

F*ck you GO!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

f young guns lol jk


Lol :joy: yeah same.

Damn you guys are savage AF haha. I seriously can’t remember what is stood for though

Furry yellow goo.
Free your grind.
Fun yes good.

This is why you don’t use acronyms, @OnTheFrontLine :joy:

Here’s one for you… YS,G!

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Well you do.

damnit gerdes you do suck

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EarlEarly screenshots party wuu lol


Hey @THR_Birdshaw you forgot who designed FYG track.
Nice track @motoman154

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