The OFFICIAL Jam Week #176 Duscussion

I have taken time out of my busy AF schedule of doing fuck all in the French Alps to make you a Jam thread! You better make it a good discussion!
The tracks are Flake by @JoeW723 and Chy Square by @onthefrontline. Did you have a hand in it aswell @THR_chykason_NG?
Anyway, here’s mah view


Starting the :confetti_ball::tada:screenshotfest​:tada::confetti_ball: with my pretty good start! :grinning:

@JoeW723 and them infernal whoops :angry::angry::angry::sob::sob: lol this weeks tracks are sick tho well done lads


You guessed right. Drawn up by yours sincerely, CHY-kason, and masterfully built by @OnTheFrontLine.

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Is it possible to skip the first bounce? Will it make it faster?

@THR_Dutchman @Bragstad

I’m guessing you mean this:

Instead of this:

Right? I just tried… I think it might be possible (i got a really sketchy one but got over) but I’m pretty sure it’s not faster as the line we do now keeps you way lower over those tables :slight_smile:

Yea. What of the first bounce on Chy Square too?

Pretty sure that one isn’t possible… Maybe if you manage to wheelie all the way up the hill and sort of seatbounce away from the hill… But that would be insanely hard (and I’m not even 100% sure it would work)

I know it won’t last but I have just overtaken sixfootseven for the time being :see_no_evil:


your track its funny.

That line would be a waste of time, its hard enough to hit the first one the second one I don’t think is possibl and it would be slower

Yes, so much fun. That nose-wheelie is dope too

I was determined to go under 51. Did it gallantly.


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I wanted top 10 sooooo bad
I think I’m liking this track though

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Nice, I got the track down but just havnt finished a good time

Thanks man I know its not gonna last but dang I was so pumped lol

I think you’ll probably stay at least top 50 and that’s pretty good

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919 attempts already ? :flushed: