The OFFICIAL Jam Week #175 Discussion

Believe it or not, It’s thursday once again and time for a new round of jam. I had pretty much forgotten, but luckily @JoeW723 hadn’t. He also remembered to put up Pivet and even remembered to put up The First Line by @rcboxer.

I am usually the frontrunner in more or less (usually more) unmotivated trash talk, but this week I will try to lead by example and keep a civil tone… in this thread at least.
As always, flaunt, brag and strut your stuff.
Nice track @JoeW723, BTW.

Gonna enjoy this now because it won’t last long :joy:

Not too bad of a start

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well done. :tumbler_glass:

Does anyone else play madskill on their tv for maximum size and view?


How is this? Took away your helmet from him. Also gave him a nice new number plate :slight_smile:


Hahaha perfecttt👍🏻

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can you change name him of TSR_magno2cocas to magno2cocas pls

The first line is getting the best of me already lol

Yea and Its only been a day

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Maybe I’ll get it down

I got it down just not fast enough I’m about 150 in the world

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Loving these maps


@THR_LorkyMX2 you’ve got work to do! :grinning: my time on track 1 isn’t too good though but i only have like 150 attempts so i guess that’ll improve. :+1:

Doing a hell of a lot better than me bro lol

Oh no im like 1000 on pivite and 400 on the first Line. I keep beating the 1st time in my state which is 40 in the world but keep messing up at the end

I can’t figure that last big jump out. Lol

On the first line? Cause if you mean that one, you can sort of backscrub the table thingy before it to go down with speed… It’s way easier than getting a seatbounce off it and you’ll have enough speed to clear the big jump if you do it correctly :slight_smile:


If you wheelie the plateu you can lean forward and kinda lift your back tire to skim the lip.
Havent tried the backscrub but that sounds like a good idea

(Wheelie the uphill also help) :grin: