The OFFICIAL Jam Week #174 Discussion

Once again it’s thursday and time for another round of Mad Skills Jam. The tracks this week are Oso Grande by @JoeW723 and @Travis_thomas, and I mean no offence, but… by @mx.phreek.
Last week’s thread got a little out of hand, so I would like you all to keep a more mature and adult tone this week.
Go out and get them!


I think we have a better chance at teleporting to the finish line of the tracks than achieve this to be honest :joy::joy::joy:

Here I go out of my way to secure some mature discussion for once, and you shoot me down… Words can hurt, man!:cold_sweat:

If these words hurt i have no idea how you survived all of justins streams :joy:

Yeah I know. Everyone is always mean to me.

Ey birdshaw, where is that pic u usally post on these?:joy:

Usally looks something like this haha


Yeah my internet was too slow for you today… asshole😀

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Hahaha always wanted to do that😂

Greedy bastard!

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I noticed you were quite early this jam week. A minute into the jam and you’re already topping. :grinning:

That’s @THR_Birdshaw’s position. :wink:

Wait you actually say this in a thread where you’re literally calling me retarded in the very first post :joy::joy::joy: you’re such a dick hahaha

Took you long enough to notice😀

Nah that part i had noticed immediately… Just not that you were saying everyone was mean to YOU :joy::joy::joy:

They are!

Okay maybe but you deserve it :joy: you’re mean to everyone too… Even more so actually :grinning:

That’s a bunch of lies!

Okay I’ll rephrase it… You’re kind in your own way… Not a very positive way… Which is pretty much the same thing as being mean :grinning:

2222 premium weeks left? Is that just a coincidence or what :joy::joy:

Hollyshit, i didnt even notice it haha

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