The OFFICIAL Jam Week #172 Discussion


It’s thursday and time for some new jam action. @JoeW723 has made a lovely little two lapper called Bear! and @allynbencen has made a track called “WTF in the name of all that’s holy is going on here?!” Some might claim that It’s called Tiny Whoops, but I like my title better.
In the meantime I have taken top spot.


Birdshaw what kind of sorcery is this?! You set a different time on my friends and vatican leaderboards :thinking:


The Vatican time was a mistake. I had just checked the scores on the team challenge and forgot to switch back. Then I went “home” and set new times.


Oooh okay makes sense :grinning:


Not so far in competition but 2:nd overall on this track goes for a celebration🎂


Going to be another one of those weeks with you @THR_BLISSY52 by the looks of things :see_no_evil::joy:


Just nailed the 1st track :+1:


But that’s the first track.


Hahaha let’s go to edit :joy:


Nice work @JoeW723 with the multiple line choice and second lap switch up. I like it. The line me and bragstad are trying to hit on the first lap is sooo hard but can be done, Iv cleanly cleared it once!!


Wait a second. Did you guys all chance you location to something weird? I had an email from some dude wondering why so many good people play from Vatican City area! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I was like, uh I don’t know I guess we have a lot of fans there!


You mean the hop over the wall?


Yeh slow down on the second jump and try to full power it over the wall. I think if perfected will be the fastest line. Was that on purpose that line?


Yeah it was. I purposely made it mostly out of reach on lap 1 though. If you can hit it on lap 1 you’re a beast.


Hahahahaha that’s awesome :joy::joy::joy::joy: it’s for the team challenge the team captains came up with


Naw man. ZSE is really the pope😀

We are now entering the fourth and final week of a team challenge, put together by the respective team leaders. YG will win it and WFO 1 will be second (duh), but there is a raging battle for third between THR 1 and Tabbrucio.


Oh really?! I’ll try to step up my game we can’t let them win haha… Is THR or tabbruciu ahead?


I’m sorry to say I f**ked up and let the team down then because I left Vatican after week one. I thought it was a one week thing. Sorry boys🙁


No problem. The score is an average. But get your ass back there!:grinning:


I found it straight away but couldn’t make it and didn’t think was possible here goes the next 2 hours of my life haha