The OFFICIAL Jam Week #169 Discussion

Is it Thursday again in NY that week bakery I calculated. Called “Trust” and “Beam me up Scotty” courses JoeW AND and made MxPhreek. Rock on!

This text was written in Danish, then Google translated into Spanish, Swedish, German, Albanian and finally English.

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That text could’ve been written by mntmantai :grinning:

Or Sam​:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Won’t be here long but I’m happy :grin:


@THR_xulz you weren’t supposed to change your location to the vatican haha :grimacing: that’s what the 7 riders picked from each team do…in the case of THR bonnetron, victorpro, lorky, blissy, james, duke and me :grinning:

AND the THR A team part deux which @THR_VonKasta is putting together. I made him team leader due to all his leadership experience, great talent, and the fact that he will get all the shit from the unpicked players, and not me😀

Hahahaha so basically there’s gonna be 2 THR teams and after 4 weeks noone will remember who’s with which team anymore? :joy::joy::joy:

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And two WFO teams. The B team is led by that asshole @LesterWire, and called MFO.
I can do temporary name chabges to make it easier

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Hahaha this competition is already turning into one big mess and we’ve barely even started yet :joy::joy::joy:people not switching to vatican region… teams gonna get confused :joy:

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Youre a big mess

Thanks! Much appreciated :+1::joy::joy::joy:

This will be tough for me to beat.


Who sees that Endo trick by current Number 1 on “Beam Me Up Scotty” @zeldabroralride

@Bragstad, that will be tough to pull off. Yeah?

Wow. That’s insane. He has a very jerky style but MAN is he fast!

Bug detected

When overall position is lesser than Division position

Ohhh that was crazy, im not that lucky haha. Dont think the top guys will do that cuz its close to impossible to balance, but mabye🤙🏻

All I hear is excuses @Bragstad :smile:

Jaja, sorry. Forgot that. I wast just curious :blush:
Will change back later…

Hahaha shut up😂