The OFFICIAL Jam Week #165 discussion

Once upon a time King Birdshaw the Wise made a jam thread in the form of a fairy tale. This, however, did not please the grumpy old wizard, Kip the Mod. So tired from all the fair maidens he had to entertain last week, King Birdshaw the Wise decided to do a regular jam thread.

The tracks this week are 294 by @JoeW723 and Takeshi’s Castle by @mx.phreek.

In the meantime I have taken first, so got get them!


How I loved Takeshi’s Castle back then… :smile:



I know right! No health and safety about in the making of that TV show @Kipketer lol

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Loving the track @mx.phreek :+1::+1: …haven’t played the first track yet


Putting down heater early this week.

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Meh… I was first aswell.

thanks for great tracks this week! Both of you did a amazing job. @JoeW723 @mx.phreek


4 attempts :joy::joy: that’s mad

This weeks tracks are tough. I don’t want to hear any complaints! The SX replica this week is my favorite so far. Lots of little things to improve your time over the week. Good luck!

Yeah, and I want Scarlet Johansson to sit on my face, but I don’t see that happening either.


You really hit it out of the ballpark with this one!

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the first track is awesome, haven’t played the 2nd one yet but looks sick as well from Justin’s stream.

@THR_Birdshaw amazing description Birdshaw the wise,hi I’m Irc the intelligent :smiley: hahahah

@THR_Bonnetron Dude wtf :smile:


People actually use that go button​:joy::clap:

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It’s auto throttle. I think Zach (ZSE743) uses it? I know one of the top 12 guys from the World Championship used it. Not sure which one.

I believe zse used it for a while because the normal throttle didn’t work or something but I’m pretty sure he’s back to normal throttle now…and I’m pretty sure svendsgard uses the auto throttle

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@Bragstad how many attempts do you have to get that run?