The OFFICIAL Jam Week # 164 discussion


Once upon a time (at 10.00 CET) in a country far far away (Sweden) a new jam week started. One of the tracks were called Four Point and was built by the Evil Lord @JoeW723. The other was called Boomarang and it was built by the brave knight in shining amour, Sir @rcboxer. The real hero of this story is of course the fair and wise King Birdshaw. Long story short, The Lord was killed by the knight, but King Birdshaw ended up boning the fair maiden anyway.





I don’t know birdshaw but the fact that she is facepalming might mean that apparently you didn’t do your part of the story very well :grinning:

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One isn’t getting on very well with this weeks tracks




That would be me :joy:


Well you’re ahead of me😀 Not that it says much. But you’re on place 20 and I’m on 46 so… not that bad😂





What are you thinking about?




Naw, you miss them :heart_exclamation:


its for who dont have premium and want whatch any replay


Dropped my time a little again, 59s easily possible just keep messing up scrubbing starting the second lap :rage:


So close yet so far haha


Big ups to @rcboxer for giving us the best track in a long time. Such speed… Very scrub… Many wow!
Thanks! :heart_decoration:


… and for slaying the evil Lord the the King could git sum!


Thanks Kip-Da-Whip :+1: