The OFFICIAL Jam Week #163


Yeah right :smile:


I think @THR_Birdshaw is talking about the heat from the friction of @OnTheFrontLine 's helmet in the dirt.


Well if nothing else frontline has premium and can SHOW us the hot lines.


BTW @OnTheFrontLine is live now at both and



Will you add more stuff later? :stuck_out_tongue:


In pretty good company!


@LesterWire Are you talking shit against the almighty Front Line sir?


Best place ever this long in to the competition😀


Smite me almighty smiterrr!!

Edit: wait can you really do that? If you can do that I’m sorry pls don’t hurt me


:joy: haha nah i cant but i think @THR_Birdshaw can


Frontline is just being modest. He has the ban hammer same as me. But I’m a WAY bigger asshole than he is.


Haha holding strong in my country :joy::joy::joy: i seriously wonder if people think you’re me because of the THR tag… Since you’re #1 in my region too and i haven’t played yet :joy:


I think we’re all aware of that here, Bird. :joy:


Ha ha :joy::joy::joy: hadn’t even thought about that :joy: Well they will soon be aware. Once u start kicking my ass​:joy::+1:


You’re probably gonna be my strongest competition in my region now :joy: and you’re not even from my region haha


Have not checked how much ahead i am but it can’t be that much huh?:thinking::joy::joy::joy:


Uh well apparently you’re over a second ahead on the rest of the guys in my region :joy::joy::joy: but just wait until i set some times :joy::joy:


Holy…:scream: i just saw… Yeah I’m counting on that man​:joy: But i think i made a pretty fast time on tabes for days.:joy: I won’t let u have it for nothing​:blush::joy::+1: