The OFFICIAL Jam Week #162 Discussion


A new day has dawned and this day is thursday, a.k.a. Mad Skills day!
The tracks this week are Whoops There It Is by Hannibal Lecter and Turkey Shoot by @mx.phreek.

This week also marks the first ever team challenge (not sponsored by Turborilla). If you are in a team, change your country to Cocos (Keeling) Islands, and let the fun begin.
Happy grinding, all!


Let it rip✊


I know its kinda early but Im of to a pretty good start :muscle:
I think i might shave off a little before the round ends but I’m getting there!


So close but yet so far😥


Killing it. Keep up the good work:fist:


How do u change ur country???


The one route is full of mist.
As the name of the route already reveals …
Turkey shoot
Who forgives a name

Turkey nothing good here


Click on the flag in your profile


I know Germany has a lot of good beer, but It’s pretty early…


Ich weiß …
Bei euch gibst bestimmt auch tolles Bier was lecker ist

Wenn ich mal ein Bier Trinke, dann nur am Wochenende mal eins.

Vielleicht sollte ich die Strecke mal mit Bier :beer: fahren …
:grinning:Lach fett Grinsen :sunglasses:

Prost :beers: @THR_Birdshaw

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